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I have always been fascinated by nature, and spent a lot of time hiking and fishing in the Rocky Mountains around Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Like many people as time went on my job and the pressures of life consumed most of my time, after attending a Christmas craft fair in Calgary I walked away from a table of carved fish, and although I have never ever attempted to create anything in my life I knew that I could make these realistic fish. I studied books and soon I was creating fish of my own. Fish have always been a passion for me and I feel my way through my carvings, knowing when I hold the fish where I need to take away wood and where the fish is just right. All of my painted fish are carved in Basswood and then airbrushed and hand painted in acrylics to be as realistic as possible.

My wife and I decided to make a huge shift in our lifestyle and moved to Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada where I took a job in a fish store to further enhance my knowledge of fish anatomy. Another move is in the works as we will be moving to Victoria, B.C. where my carving career will continue to evolve. I have started to experiment using hardwoods to carve fish allowing for a more stylized version of my carvings. Living in the Pacific Northwest my attention will now be focused on the wild salmon of the area and hope to have a few of those completed shortly. I see beauty everywhere these days and my hope is to create a little bit of it as well.

My work is part passion part wood and paint. My goal is to create life and emotion out of wood, I must feel emotion in my carvings or I will not be happy with the finished product. I knew I was making progress as an artist when a co-worker saw a picture of one of my carvings and asked how I kept it from smelling I explained it was preserved with varnish he said how does that keep it from rotting, he didn\'t realize it was made with wood. I learn somethig with each carving and each one brings me joy to create.

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