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Our new arrivals are people - the Artisans and the Artists of the ArtsandVines Community. Learn about our Artisans and Artists and then you will learn about their work.

  Paul Piasko
paul Piasko, clay artist
  Studied landscaping in Argentina and won first place award for interior design in the 1987 Spring Contest in Buenos Aires Moved to Israel to work as a news producer for the Mexico City-based Televisa network. Subsequently devoted himself full-time to the study of ceramics at the Jorge Karelik School of Ceramics in Tel Aviv. Learn more   Rose Hughes
  In my work I use the idea of layers to transform fabric into the soar and plummet of peaks and valleys, the flow of rivers, and the sway of majestic native trees. I begin by creating a layer of strong structural shapes that are important for their initial impact on the senses, and the suggestion they give of the landscape. Learn more
  Edgar Furlong
  Edgar’s focus is to introduce a life and depth to a medium that is usually more one-dimensional. Edgar has been working on new processes with textured surface pieces where the cloth collapses on itself during the finishing process.
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  Richard Glenn
  As an artist working primarily in glass, I reinterpret ideas and images, symbols and stories through images, shapes, words, texture and color. My background in the commercial world makes me hyper-aware of the images and messages that we receive — as well as send — constantly throughout each day.
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