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  Steve Osborn
Steve Osborn, painter
  I just flat out love to paint - and that is the message that I'm trying to convey - to share my joy in a visual dance with the viewer. It's really not all that complicated - just joy. I'm very intrigued by the abstract patterns in landscape that occur when man has either worked the land or built on it. I twist and pull the shapes just a little for the fun of it.
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  Paul Piasko
paul Piasko, clay artist
  Studied landscaping in Argentina and won first place award for interior design in the 1987 Spring Contest in Buenos Aires Moved to Israel to work as a news producer for the Mexico City-based Televisa network. Subsequently devoted himself full-time to the study of ceramics at the Jorge Karelik School of Ceramics in Tel Aviv. Learn more
  Jeff Enderwick
bob adams, wood artist
  Jeff has the utmost respect and fondness for art from other materials, however "nothing works with light as glass does." That which can be seen out of doors in California is a constant inspiration to get into the studio and make something cool. Learn more   Robert Adams
bob adams, wood artist
  Robert has had a compelling interest in wildlife art for the better part of his life. As a relatively self-taught artist, he strives to bring out the beauty and life of the bird in his carvings. Each piece is signed and dated as all work is an original and one-of-a-kind. Learn more
  Edgar Furlong
Edgar Furlong, fiber and fabric artist.
  Edgar’s focus is to introduce a life and depth to a medium that is usually more one-dimensional. Edgar has been working on new processes with textured surface pieces where the cloth collapses on itself during the finishing process.
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  Lucian Goff
lucian goff, wheel glass artist
  I focus on creating simple, elegant designs reminiscent of traditional patterns but very much at home in contemporary settings. As an engraver, I work on glass that has already been formed which frees me to add my touch to an enormous variety of surfaces. Learn more
  Douglass Brown
douglass brown, blown glass, glass artist
  Designing and creating in his own studio, Douglass uses his wide repertoire of skills to breathe beautiful and imaginative art pieces into existence. Well-known for his ability to create forms that truly duplicate nature, his current collection features exquisite blown glass fruits and vegetables and seashells.
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  Trevor Baum
Trevor Baum, wood artist, wooden fish
  I have started to experiment using hardwoods to carve fish allowing for a more stylized version of my carvings. Living in the Pacific Northwest my attention will now be focused on the wild salmon of the area and hope to have a few of those completed shortly. I see beauty everywhere these days and my hope is to create a little bit of it as well. Learn more
  Aryana Londir
aryana londir, glass artists, southwest art
  Fascinated by the inherent beauty, depth and color capabilities of glass, Aryana has chosen to utilize glass as her medium of choice. To enhance the vibrancy of the glass, Aryana often combines it with other natural materials. Her beautiful creations have won national awards and her work has been published in books, featured in catalogues, magazine editorials and advertising.
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  Judy Mandolf
  "Digital Art" often suggests hi-tech images with orbiting satellites and otherworld figures, but for me the lure is the ability to create more of a painterly feeling. The user's manuals for my Macintosh and Adobe Photoshop were the introduction to a wonderful new world where visions weren't limited by film and darkroom. Ten years later I am still filled with excitement when creating a new vision. Learn more
  Don Doerfler
don doerfler, beach artist, california, surf art
  I used to think that 'paradise' was limited to just tropical places. I was much younger then... now the truth is, paradise is everywhere - all you have to do is look with your heart. We as humans have created so much, but nothing compared to the creations of nature. Therefore, much of my work is dedicated to depicting the immense beauty of nature.
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  Sue Clanton
sue clanton, painter, wine art
  I began painting wine when my sister and husband, Gail & Rob LaRoque returned from France with a bottle of Château LaRoque wine. I took that painting to my next show and got a commission for another and then another. The more I painted the more I begin to see new qualities within each wine that I needed to express. Learn more
  Jacqueline Osborn
jacqueline Osborn, figurative painter
  My recent series of figurative paintings represent the glimmer of moments in our past that are just out of reach; elusive moments that reflect a diversity of situations and human emotions.
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  Rose Hughes
quilt artist, rose hughes
  Inspiration for my quiltart is drawn from my love of the ever-changing hills that make up our coastal and inland landscape, and from the ravens that mirror and mock this region’s boisterous, passionate, and sometimes-crazy human residents. Watching ravens, I see how they live and weave their lives among us. Learn more
  Richard Glenn
richard glenn, glass artist
  As an artist working primarily in glass, I reinterpret ideas and images, symbols and stories through images, shapes, words, texture and color. My background in the commercial world makes me hyper-aware of the images and messages that we receive — as well as send — constantly throughout each day.
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  Sara Zimmerman
sara zimmerman, acrylic painter, tahoe painter, southwest art
  I am an acrylic painter who depicts vast landscapes with extreme close-ups. My work encompasses contemporary modernism and science illustration, depicting stark, contrasting colors and curvaceous scenes of flowers, leaves, fish, etc. soaring above Tahoe, the Southwest, and other natural landscapes. Learn more
  Frank Trueba
frank trueba, cave art, photography
  As many printmakers, I often work with a series concept and I have developed a number of themed series of works; for example, the Cave Art Series (work inspired by my interest in prehistoric cave art), the New Mexico Church Series (a continuing series of work based on the architecture of New Mexico church structures), and the Pez Head Suite (a group of prints combining modern and ancient work).
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  Lauren Black
  I started painting after finishing a career as a classical dancer. I have been painting for 15 years. I received my BFA with a major in painting at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland Oregon. I can get lost in the process of creating something different and unique, I love to paint, experiment, and play, washing out, scratching and distressing the surfaces of the work.
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  Manuel Magallon
michael adcock, urns and religuaries, wood art
  Ceramics was my first love and I studied under several international know ceramists at SJSU during the 60's. Almost 40 years later I began working with crystalline glazes. I've been working with them for several years and creating pottery that compliments the glazes.
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  Andrew Purchin
Picture of landscape artist, Andrew Purchin
  I paint directly from life just about all of the time. I see with my whole body, all of my senses. I go back to the same locations. I form a relationship with a place.
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  Michael Adcock
wood artists, urn artist
  We would like to introduce you to a new line of urns and reliquaries. For over 20 years, Christine and Michael Adcock have been creating a line of fine art ceramics, which they have sold in galleries and high-end museum shows throughout the United States and Canada. In response to frequent requests for memorial urns, we have created a line of vessels specifically intended for that purpose.
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  Harriet Helfricht
clay sculpture, clay artist
  I work with Mixed Media, there I combine Acrylic painting and Clay work in one art piece; another focus of mine is abstract Paintings where I use some unique techniques to create structure with the paint. In clay I concentrate on medium and large size sculptures as well on some specialized pottery.
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  Ron Overholtz
ron overholtz, wood artist
  I usually work on an intimate scale creating objects that are best appreciated in the hand. The warmth and beauty of the wood needs to compliment the tactile feels of the vessel. I am drawn to the quietness and simplicity of the hollow vessel. Learn more        



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