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Meet the ArtsandVines Community    

Inclusion in the ArtsandVines Community is “by invitation” only.

All Artists invited to join the ArtsandVines Community must exhibit: a passion and dedication to their Work; an exceptionally high level of personal expression and craft; and, a desire to both present themselves to and interact/communicate with the Consumer.

The growth of the ArtsandVines Community is measured and organic. The Community expands when it should expand – when new ArtsandVines are found.

It would have been a lot easier if we just built another online tonnage arts & crafts catalog; one where thousands of products and hundreds of vendors are put online with nothing more than a thumbnail of their offerings and a “Buy Now” button. But, then we wouldn’t have a Community.

As you travel around the ArtsandVines Community, visiting each member and learning about them and their Work, you will notice one or two or three buttons near the top of each Featured Artisan page. These buttons are:

fine art forums FORUMS: Click on this button and go to that Artisans / Artists individual Forum where you can communicate directly with the Artisan / Artist and establish an on-going dialogue.

artist commentary AUDIO: if this Audio button is near the top of the Featured Artisan page it means that the
Artisan / Artist has recorded an overall introduction about themself, the work and their life. If the audio button is next to a specific work it means that the Artisan / Artist has recorded an individual comment about that specific work.

video for don doerfler, surf artistVIDEO: click on this button and see a personal video prepared by the Artisan / Artist to bring their work into even greater focus.

Visit with Don Doerfler , Rose Hughes , and Andrew Purchin and see their self produced Videos.

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